Orbi_Truelite 360 Smart solar Landscape Light
Orbi_Truelite_360-Smart-solar-Lights Truelite Orbi 360° Solar Landscape Light is our answer to the professional lighting in solar for challenging landscaping project requirements. Truelite Orbi 360° uses next generation innovative technology built into modern and clean urban pole top design.   The luminaire offers 360° light distribution with increased efficiency and control for even area lighting in garden, parks and landscape applications. Structured, partially frosted interior luminaire optics provides beautiful and effective light transmission and especially high visual comfort.  Truelite Orbi 360° has advanced, light control functions for dimming, motion detection and sensing also works dusk dawn automated working.   Truelite Orbi 360° is powered with Truelite SunWrap Pole integrated solar poles for the best design esthetics and performance, however Orbi, can also be used for retrofit applications.  Truelite Orbi 360° is equipped with advanced lithium battery bank and  MPPT smart controller integrated to the Sunwrap pole.  The light has a longer battery backup than usual All In One solar light. Truelite Orbi   360° Solar Landscape Light is available in 20, 30 and 40 watts with energy-saving modes, optimized for applications up to 6M pole height, for small roads, garden pathways, decorative landscape area lighting applications using the power of sun.

Orbi Smart Solar Landscape Light 20W
Orbi Smart Solar Landscape Light 30W
Orbi Smart Solar Landscape Light 40W