Solar Landscape Lighting - Truelite

Solar for Landscape Lighting

SunScape Solar bollard from Truelite is an answer to the professional landscape lighting projects with solar. Made of extremely durable materials and certified IK10, makes SunScape the industry leading product in solar bollard lights. Truelite SunScape Solar Bollard, light head is made of unbreakable polycarbonate material in a curved design prevents dust accumulation on the surface and helps 96% transmittance of light. The design maximizes the irradiance to the solar cells for better efficiency and the body is diecast aluminum built to the highest manufacturing standards.

Truelite SunScape Solar Bollard is designed to work all night with user defined settings for color temperature, light levels and equipped with inbuilt motion sensor and can work dusk dawn automatic. The system is a fully integrated all in one product with built in 6.2 watts PV, lithium LFP battery bank and smart controller, produces 400 Lumens with excellent lux levels, provides 3 days of autonomy makes the perfect choice for projects and home use. SunScape is very easy to install, vandal proof and offered in standard colors and sizes with an option to custom for project requirements.

Sunscape Solar bollard is a great all in one solution for landscape lighting, home garden lighting with the power of solar and also offers the flexibility of very simple instalaltion for DIY end users. Talk to us for the many customizing options we have for your wide range of project applications with Sunscape. All Sunscape bollards comes with an unmatched 5 year warranty.

Solar Landscape Lighting - Truelite

SunScape TLGL260R-38S
SunScape TLGL260R-60S
SunScape TLGL260R-90S
SunScape TLGL255R-38S
SunScape TLGL255R-60S
SunScape TLGL255R-90S
SunScape TLGL255S-38S
SunScape TLGL255S-60S
SunScape TLGL255S-90S
SunScape Wall Mounted Light
SunScape Wall Mounted Light
SunScape Wall Mounted Light