SunHope_Truelite_Solar-sheltter-light SunHope_Truelite_1

Truelite SunHope solar shelter light is adapted from our most successful 4G LED street light built on the same platform is the answer to vast solar lighting applications in urban and rural living. Truelite solar shelter light has an inbuilt lithium battery and charge controller integrated with high power LED source making the light a unique weather proof lighting fixture with the advantage of solar.

The easy MC4 plug in setup makes the light extremely easy for installation, and easily portable. Built with high quality components, Truelite SunHope solar shelter light can meet project requirements in any challenging environment. Truelite solar shelter light is available from 12 watts.

The light comes in two variants, the Home Series for  low power home use and the Ultra Series for high power applications.

Flexible Solar Panel
Truelite SunHope solar shelter light comes with standard and flexible solar panels for curved surface installations. Truelitesolar shelter light also has the ability for solar scalability which enables adding panels for demanding weather conditions.
Variable Lighting Modes
Constant power with full brightness, energy saving mode with dimming options and variable modes for changing brightness on time intervals that can be set according to user requirements via remote controller (optional).
IP67 Weatherproof Fixture
Complete ABS plastic external housing, with aluminium bars inside for efficient heat dissipation, perfectly designed for any outdoor and indoor applications.
Lithium Battery Bank
Inbuilt lithium battery bank offers 4 days autonomy in energy saving mode and 12 hours dusk to dawn working in constant lighting mode with 100% power.
Microwave Motion Sensor
The variable lighting mode function is designed with an advanced built-in microwave motion sensor to ensure wider angle and longer distance coverage.
Super Brightness
Using high power LED light source with an advanced design makes Truelite SunHopesolar shelter light a super bright luminous efficacy fixture of 140 lumens per watt.
Efficient MPPT Control System
Advanced MPPT controller offers faster charging and efficiency in adverse weather conditions ensuring the system works to the expected level.