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Truelite Smart Solar SunBeam Flood Light is the 5th generation all in Two series, with increased efficiency and more advanced technology. The light comes with an inbuilt lithium battery bank and Smart charge controller. The light has a better  output with longer battery backup than  the normal all in one solar lights. SunBeam series has variance from 4.5 watts  up to 18.5  watts with  12 hours operation  with dimming. SunBeam smart solar lights are optimized  and recommended for applications up to  4 meters height, for perfect lighting  in small roadways, pathways and residential area lighting applications.

Light Output

  • Up to 3280 lumens light output.
  • 4 watts, 18.5 watts variance.
  • High efficacy of 175 lumen per watt. 
  • Lumiled power source with LM–80 - 50,000 hours.
  • IP65 aluminium die-cast casing and certified IK08.
  • Vandal proof build.
Lithium Battery Bank
  • Integrated lithium battery bank with more than 2000 cycles
  • 12 hours auto dimming brightness working with automatic dusk to dawn operation.
  • Maximum capacity of 154 Wh.
Smart  Solar Controller
  • Customized working mode for dimming and working hours.
  • Advanced metering and remote control options.
  • Easy setting up functions in remote control – optional. 
Solar Panel 
  • High efficiency design; 20%efficiency.
  • External solar panel make the system flexible for any geographical conditions for the scalability of the panels to meet low irradiance project sites.

Product Dimensions

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SunBeam Solar Flood Light 880lm
SunBeam Solar Flood Light 1680lm
SunBeam Solar Flood Light 2480lm
SunBeam Solar Flood Light 3280lm