Street Lighting

Truelite All in One Smart Solar light is the 3rd Generation all in one series with high efficiency and advanced technology. The light integrates the green-energy parts solar panel, LED lamp, and the lithium battery into a single product system to gain the solution of low-energy, long-time, high-luminance, and free maintenance. The LED ALL-IN-ONE SOLAR STREET LIGHT 20W has better output with longer battery backup than the normal all in one solar light. The housing is made from aluminum alloy, co-operating with good waterproof, dust-proof, and airless technology. The luminaire head is also coming with an installation bracket. Truelite pioneers the All in one Adaptive Lighting technology for better energy-saving functionality in adverse weather conditions for the dusk to dawn operations.

LED Light Source

Highly efficient LED Bridgelux with a luminous efficiency 160lm/W works with long life, low dazzle.

Smart Controller, Truelite LED ALL-IN-ONE SOLAR STREET LIGHT 20W are equipped with an advanced smart controller with many capabilities for the efficient functioning of the Light source for custom lighting modes and time intervals, battery banks charge and discharge protection, communications interface for Bluetooth, and smart grid monitoring.

Inbuilt Lithium Battery Bank

The battery bank module is replaceable, built-in automobile grade LFP battery module is developed to meet the complete dusk dawn functions of the light with adaptive lighting and less Depth of Discharge (DOD). The battery bank module is equipped with an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) for charging and discharging and protected in an IP65 enclosure for durability and extended battery life in adverse weather conditions. The designed life span of the battery is over 8 years.

Solar Panel

Truelite All in One Solar Street Lights are integrated with highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels with 18% efficiency rated over 25 years working with many indigenous technological improvements for improved irradiance using block and bypass diodes, additional bus bars, for efficient street lighting applications.

Power Consumption 20 Watts
led chip brand Philips 3030
lumen (lm) 2400lm
Color Temp 5000K/6000K
CRI >83
Viewing Angle 120°
LED Quantity 40pcs
IP Grade IP67
Solar Panel Mono, 35W/18V
Voltage of PV 18V
Lithium Battery 168WH
Charging mode PWM Controller
Pole mounting height 3~4 meter
Fixture Size 828*300*140mm
Package size 900*370*215mm
Net Weight 8.80kg
Gross Weight 10.50kg
Packing 1pcs/Ctn
Warranty 2 years
*All parameters are measured @ ambient temperature Tc 25 degree
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