Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 120W

Street Lighting
  • High Conversion efficiency through advanced manufaturing technology
  • Excellent performance under weak light conditions
  • Withstand snow load up to 5400pa and wind loads up to 2400pa at extreme temprature  
  • Easy installation

Solar Panel
Max. Power (W) 120W
Max. Voltage (V) 18V
Max. Working Current (A) 6.67A
Open Circuit (V) 22V
Short circuit Current (A) 7.06A
Max. System Voltage (V) 1000VDC
Cell Convert Rate (%) 19.0%
Module Convert Rate (%) 14.8%
Cell Type Mono-crystalline
Max. Coefficient of Power Temp. (Pm) -0.43%
Open Circuit Voltage Temp (Voc) -0.37%
Short Circuit Current Temp (Isc) +0.08%
Tolerance (%) ±3%
Working Temp Range -40°C ~ +85°C
Test Condition Am: 1.5, Cell temp: 25°C, Irra: 1000W/m2
Net Weight (Kg) 10Kg
Module Size (mm) 1210x670x35mm
Component Toughened Glass, EVA, Solar Cell, TPT, Aluminum Frame, International standard junction box
Glass Low iron toughened high penetrate rate glass
Frame 35mm aluminum frame
Junction Box Type International standard junction box
Life 25 Years
*All parameters are measured @ ambient temperature Tc 25 degree
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