About Us

Market leader in Solar Lighting

Truelite is a market leading innovator in solar lighting solutions, established in 2007 headquartered in the USA, operates in 18 countries with a unique catalogue of solar lighting products, successfully completed more than 100,000 solar lighting installations in 100 plus countries.

Decade of Expertise

Truelite’s identity is shaped by a decade long tradition of innovation in the field of Solar lighting technology. Truelite utilizes the infinite possibilities of integrating solar and light to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. Truelite keeps the product line topnotch in quality standards, manufactured in our ISO certified state of the art facilities in the USA and China with uncompromised QC and compliance, supported with all statutory certifications for every market requirement.

 Our continuous efforts in innovation leads us to develop many unique solar lighting products for diverse applications, includes 12 global patented solutions in solar street and roadway lighting. Truelite is the innovator of smart integrated solar lighting with our flagship 4G Smart solar streetlight to integrate lithium battery banks and smart controllers built inside the light while separating the PV for better scalability makes the light a perfect solution for any solar lighting project.

Humanitarian Projects

Truelite has successfully executed 2 Frame Agreement projects in solar lighting for United Nations. Truelite’s advantages against the traditional solar lighting benefit the NGOs and aid agencies in huge cost savings in the areas of procurement, logistics, installation and support. The cost savings and faster turnaround time helps to add more units for a given budget. Truelite has vast experience in supporting humanitarian projects across the world and works with many aid organizations for their solar lighting requirements.

Energy Partner Network

Our Energy Partner program helps us to reach our customers in every part of the world with product distribution, technical support, project guidance, consultancy and after sales. Our fast-growing global network of Energy Partners supports our green initiatives contributes to the growth and retain our market leading position for the brand.

Our innovations will enable people all over the world not only to see better, but also to be sustainable, and live better.