Why Truelite

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Truelite Advantage in Solar Lighting 

Solar Industry especially PV has been rapidly changing over the last few years and Truelite being a pioneer company in solar lighting as our key product has earned enormous expertise serving in challenging project locations, adapting the changes and growth in the industry. Today we passed the milestone of 100,000 successful installations across the globe with a commanding position in the market and we patented inventors of Integrated Smart Solar Light – 4G and Thor with built-in battery and smart controller,  while separating the PV for efficiency and scalability.

Our Battery Integration

Energy storage was a major challenge at the early life with VRLA batteries being a critical factor with extreme temperature in most of our areas of operations especially in Middle East and Africa. With the development of the lithium Ion batteries, we are one of the first companies to adopt Lithium battery technology for energy storage in solar lighting applications and test different battery chemistries on a wide geography to understand and develop the right mix for solar lighting. Our battery banks are unique, designed with lower Depth of Discharge (DOD) for extended battery life cycles, For flawless work the entire life of the system. Truelite is the only company who provides genuine 5 Years warranty on the entire solar lighting system.

Our Design 

Our vast experience in a wide span of geographical locations helps to understand the photovoltaic yields, Peak sunshine Hours (PSH) and weather characteristics to customize solutions for every market with correct panel sizing and system inputs. Solar Lighting parameters change with geography and we never had a single solution for all our clients. Custom design is our key. 

We design and integrate technologies to make the solar lighting the most easy and simple to use at the same time, efficient and advanced to meet the challenges.

Warranty Customer Support and Customer Happiness

We do preventive maintenance through our growing energy partners across the globe if the project demands and our warranties are genuine and  our Quality Policies are firm. This is the reason why we are trusted by UN Agencies, Governments, public and private customers for their lighting requirements.

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