How long is Truelite doing solar lighting projects?

Truelite is established in 2007, and ever since its inception, our major focus is into sustainable lighting technologies having experience in Solar lighting projects since 2010.

Is Truelite capable of complete Solar Lighting Solutions for a project or do we need to depend on any other sources for components?

Truelite is One Stop solution for all your solar lighting requirements and provides a single window support system. All components and accessories required for the projects are fully manufactured, tested, and supplied by Truelite and is responsible for their respective warranties.

Are Truelite products Certified and tested for my projects?

Yes, Truelite is certified and tested for all statutory requirements of every market we sell, including but not limited to North American, European, and Middle East regional specs. Truelite product line fully complies with required IEC standards for Lighting, Battery, and Solar and can meet any specific standards required for projects of specific nature. Please talk to our sales engineers to understand what certifications are required for your projects.

How can I know my application is suitable for Solar Lighting?

Solar lighting can be pretty much used for all outdoor lighting applications, Street and Area lighting, Garden and Backyard lighting, pathways and cycle tracks, signs, and traffic, shelters and tents, work lights, etc. where there is the availability of shade-free sunlight. Truelite can do a feasibility study for any application and provide a complete analysis for your projects.

What information is required for Truelite to provide a study?

The most important parameter required is what light levels are required for your application. Technically what lux is required and based on the lux requirement Truelite can provide a simulated lighting study to understand the lumen package of the fixture, battery bank capacity, and Solar design. Truelite just needs the layout of the application area, better if you have an AutoCAD drawing..

Will solar work on a rainy or Cloudy day?

Truelite will do the Solar design calculations based on the PSH (Peak Sunshine Hours) geography of the project location and do custom design to meet the expected working modes with the available PSH.

Do you dim the lights at night?

Truelite lighting mode function is generally Dusk to Dawn automatic with full brightness and dimming of lights is NOT standard in our project series, however, if the project demands dimming of the light for reducing light pollution and to avoid high brightness in community living, we can incorporate structured dimming at specific intervals by Adaptive Lighting Technology. Dimming of light after midnight can save energy and consumption of battery bank for a lighter system design. However, our home-based retail product lines are inbuilt with diming options for better cost savings and battery life.

How much autonomy is required and how do you design your battery Bank?

Truelite adopts a minimum of 24 hours / 2 days autonomy in our systems & can be increased if project demands. We strictly follow 50% or less DOD policy in all our battery banks.

Where do you fix the battery?

Most of the Truelite solutions are fully integrated with built-in battery banks, however, we have customized battery banks for higher capacity requirements and scalability. Such battery banks are placed in IP enclosures and placed inside the poles.

What type of batteries do you use in the systems?

Truelite uses LFP, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry for our systems which are proven to the sustainability and temperature characteristics, especially in project locations with extreme weather conditions.

What type of maintenance is required for solar lighting?

Truelite solar lighting solutions are completely maintenance-free, provided cleaning of the Solar panels at regular intervals can increase the efficiency & performance.

How often do we need to clean the panels?

To get the best generation the surface area of the solar panels must be clean from dirt and dust, Truelite incorporates well design compensation for adverse conditions, but we recommend cleaning the panels once every 2 months for best results.

Can you explain the Warranty of your products?

Truelite provides one of the best in Industry warranty standards and provides complete service support during and after the warranty period. During the warranty period, we replace or service the defective products at no cost to the client. The product warranty may vary on projects, design, and location however we also provide extended warranties and service contracts at an additional cost.

What is the difference between the Watts and Lumens?

Watts and ascertaining the light levels with power is an old concept widely applicable for conservative lighting and with LEDs, lumens are more appropriate as the efficacy (Lumens / Watt) varies on different LED Chips, and when it comes to solar it is always our endeavor to minimize the power and maximize the lumens for better solar design and lighter battery bank. Truelite achieves this with high-efficacy chips, maximizing the lumens of the fixture with optimum power and on using high-end optics for better distribution of light.

Can I change my existing light to Solar?

Truelite has many retrofit solutions to convert conservative lighting to LED and then Solar, however, the retrofit projects need custom analysis on the feasibility of the current condition of the setup in terms of the fixture, strength of the lamp posts/columns, and shade free availability of sunlight, etc. We advise you to speak to one of our sales engineers for a better feasibility study.

How can I buy one of your solar lighting products?

Truelite has Energy partners, and distributors supported by the regional office in the respective countries, however, if you live in an unrepresented area, you can always write to us info@truelite.us for a solution, and one of our sales engineers will assist you.

Can I be your distributor or representative for Solar lighting products in my area?

Truelite has well structured Energy Partner program that helps you onboard entrepreneurs and professionals who are interested to do business in Solar lighting in the un represented areas. You may write to energypartners@truelite.usfor more details.