Sunyard_Truelite_Solar Garden Light

SunYard efficiently illuminates your recreational living areas, gardens and pathways with 360 degree beam, glare free lighting in solar energy and stand-alone off grid functioning. SunYards are aesthetically designed for comfortable living but elegant styling suitable for home and hospitality applications with zero operational costs. Truelite SunYard is highly customizable in terms of color temperatures, luminaire body and column colors to match the garden furniture set ups. Truelite’s decade of experience in solar lighting technologies makes SunYard a perfect choice for home users and project customers, contributing to the green energy and reduce carbon footprints.
Solar for Landscape Lighting Sunyard_Truelite_Solar Garden light
  Sunyard_truelite_Garden Light2 Sunyard_truelite_Garden Light2

SunYard Solar Garden Light