MC4 Branch Connectors

Street Lighting

MC4 Y Branch Connector in Pair MMF plus FFM for Parallel Connection Between Solar Panels

◦ Simple on-site processing
◦ Mating safety provided by keyed housings
◦ Mutiple plugging and unplugging cycles
◦ Accommodates PV cable with deferent insulation diameters
◦ High current carrying capacity
◦ Stable self-locking system which is easy to lock and open
◦ TUV approved

Rated Voltage TUV 1000V DC / UL 600V DC
Rating Current 20A~30A
Suitable cable cross sections 2.5~6mm² / 14AWG~10AWG
Pin dimension Φ4.0mm
Contact Materials Copper
Tin Plated Contact Resistance ≤ 5mΩ
Connector Material PPO
Withdrawal Force ≥ 50N
Insertion Force ≤ 50N
Proof voltage TUV 6000V AC(1Min) / UL 2200V DC(1Min)
Connecting System Crimping Connection
Temperature Range -40℃~+85℃
*All parameters are measured @ ambient temperature Tc 25 degree
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