SunWrap TLSW55

Street Lighting
Pole Integrated solar systems

Sun Wrap Pole Integrated Solar systems from Truelite is our most advanced and innovative solar modules for various pole mounted PV applications. Sun Wrap’s PV applications. Sun Wrap’s patented design manufactured with quality-built standards can meet decorative and highend applications especially for garden and area lighting without compromising the aesthetics.

Sun Wrap is the outcome of our constant R&D in Solar Lighting, equipped with highly efficient solar modules in a hexagonal aluminum die cast structure for maximum irradiance, strength and durability in any challenging applications.

Sun Warp can be integrated into any pole shapes and dimensions makes the system widely universal, and the detachable and light weight design helps for easy and simple installation for a complete maintenance free life.

Product Specifications
Pmax 55W
Vmp 18V
Imp 3.06A
Cell type Mono-crystalline
Carton Dimensions 66X26X24cm
Frame Material Aluminium Alloy
Solar cell efficiency >21.2%
Cable model 2.5mm2 with MC4
Operating temperature 40˙C to +85˙C
Warranty 5 Years
Life time 25 Years
Net Weight 16.07kgs
Gross Weight 17.80Kgs
*All parameters are measured @ ambient temperature Tc 25 degree
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